Cal Poly French HornsHuman beings and art have a synergistic relationship from the beginning. Art is humankind’s ceaseless attempts to grasp and express the meaning of the world and their own nature. Music, both as an art and a craft, has its own intrinsic value. It is a primary expression of human nature, basic and essential to the human spirit. Being the language of emotion, it takes up where words leave off. It makes us discover in ourselves a depth we had not suspected and states of being that no words can render. Therefore aesthetic growth, appreciation and communication is the fundamental upon which all endeavors in music education must be built. It is understood, however, that the study and practice of music also promotes the development of positive human qualities including reasoning and kinesthetic abilities, traits of the will, the heart, and the spirit, and communal values.

At Cal Poly each member of the Wind Ensemble and Wind Orchestra is perceived by the faculty as a unique individual who has the right to learn and to develop his or her musical potential as far as his/her vision, creativity, and discipline will allow. Optimal musical growth is dependent upon a balanced study of both theoretical and practical application, of both individual and ensemble experiences.

The ensembles have four components in their mission to serve students who wish to continue their pursuits in instrumental music performance.

To continue the development of music appreciation and understanding through the study and performance of the best in wind and percussion music, and to help each student develop his/her aesthetic potential to the utmost.
To expand knowledge, technique, and skill as wind and percussion performers, to provide an outlet for creativity and self-expression, and to provide the challenges that college students seek—leadership, team work, personal growth and the opportunity to experience the rewards and sense of pride that go along with outstanding achievement.
To provide cultural and entertainment events for the campus and community, and, on occasion, lend color and atmosphere to certain university ceremonial events.
Social and Recreational
To provide a source of enjoyment that can be used throughout life, to enhance the quality of college life and to provide an opportunity for worthy use of leisure time, emotional outlet, and social interaction.

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