Band Service

Wind Ensemble & Wind Orchestra

In addition to attending rehearsals and concerts, each member of the ensemble is encouraged to complete a Band Service project each quarter. The Band Service is the required task of assisting a student band officer. These tasks are usually pretty short and may involve the following:

  • Moving Equipment to the PAC for concerts
  • Set-up or Teardown of Concerts
  • Putting up Advertising Posters around campus/town Library Help (with approval of librarian)
  • Set up for rehearsals (with approval of facilities manager)
  • Other possible services to be announced by officers

All Band Service assignments must be approved by the officer in charge of the project in order to receive credit. Projects will be announced and signup sheets will be posted.

Failure to complete the Band Service may result in the lowering of the final grade by one letter.

University Jazz Bands

Policies with regard to band service for members of the University Jazz Bands will be provided by the Director of Jazz Studies on each quarter’s first day of classes.

Mustang Band

Policies with regard to band service for members of the Mustang Band will be provided by the Director of of the Mustang Band on the first day of classes in fall and winter.

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